Salt you, sinuses!


It’s that time of year again — when I walk slowly down the cold and allergy aisle at Target and reluctantly find the nasal rinse box. I’ve been here before, you see. But I despise the entire process. And avoid it at all costs — despite recommendations from my doctor, my allergist, my handsome hubby and even Dr. Oz!

The hubs likes to call me “train wreck,” but I prefer “a mess up, from the neck up” as my issues are fairly localized between nasty allergies and unpredictable migraines. And they land me back in this exact spot almost annually.

This winter has been especially brutal. Our weather in Charlotte has been fluctuating almost weekly, which makes my sinuses inflame to the point of inducing a migraine. “Normal” people would pop some Ibuprofen or Aleve and move on with their lives, but I’m allergic to the entire NSAID family (more on that another time). I have a great migraine prescription that knocks them out for most of the day, but with only nine pills allowed each month, I’ve begun looking for alternatives. Again. So I’m back buying a saline nasal rinse. Again.

Nasal rinses come in many forms — from this simple plastic bottle to a blue neti pot to a pulsating water-shooting device. I’ve tried the first two, and much prefer the bottle to the neti pot, which makes me picture a genie magically appearing inside my nose (RIP Robin Williams).

The process isn’t hard. You add warm water and one packet of the nasal rinse salt stuff, which dissolves immediately. You jam the device into one nostril, squeeze or pour, and wait for the solution to come out the other nostril. This cleans your sinuses (and causes some really attractive coughing, drooling, choking, etc. – if you’re me). Lean. Over. Your. Sink. 

Each year, I try it — feel better for a few days — and then toss the little bottle aside. It’s not pleasant. It’s messy. And I dread it every day. I enjoy tossing the little bottle aside. But this year — things will be different! I will continue the rinse cycle for all 50 packets that came with it. I WILL. I’ll keep my little headache log and let you all know if it’s worth the whole ordeal or not. Let’s hope it is!!!

Latest update: purchased at noon. Used at 1 p.m. — haven’t had a headache since, which is monumental as I’ve had one almost non-stop since Thursday night. Happy New Year to me.


4 thoughts on “Salt you, sinuses!

  1. I discovered this when living in TN, in one of a total of two areas in the world thst have the highest concentration of tree spores & pollen. I have nothing to back up that statement other than the words of our doctor. And while the experience of the nasal rinse is sonewhat nasty it is without doubt the best solution. And no chemicals which is a huge bonus. Hang in there Jen.

    1. Thanks, Robin! They called Dayton “Sinus Valley,” but I swear Charlotte is much MUCH worse! Do you still do the rinses? I can’t imagine them being part of my routine FOR LIFE, but it’s better than being on antibiotics for sinus infections every other month! HUGS!

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