Mommy’s little helper – the ultimate under-eye concealer!


I’ve very loyal. I’m also very traditional. So breaking routine and trying new products — especially on my face — is a big deal for me! Enter ipsy.

If you don’t know ipsy, it’s a more budget-friendly version of Birchbox. For $10 a month, you get five beauty products to try, which are catered to your profile (ie: I get products appropriate for my fair skin).

I don’t love every product, but a few have become must-have essentials in my daily routine. My latest fav is this under-eye concealer by “it cosmetics.” The sample I received is “neutral medium” and is just perfect for my porcelain haven’t-slept-in-five-years complexion.

It’s a liquid in a tube that you warm between your fingers until it’s a tad more fluid. Then, you can use just a smidge on a Sunday or A WHOLE BOAT LOAD on a Monday morning (like I did an hour ago). You layer as needed and it never gets cakey. It also doesn’t budge all day. My little sample is .11 fl.oz. and I’ve barely put a dent in it over the past two months – so I’m guessing the full-size tube would last well beyond your normal concealer investment.

I don’t rave about products often, but this one is worth my blah blahs. I’m so fair my under-eye area is borderline blue on some days — even when well rested — so the fact that this makes me look like I just got back from a (kid-free) vacation is EPIC. I’ll spare you my Monday morning mom eyes, but some great before and after shots are on the product’s page. Check it out!


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