Recipe Rating: Weelicious Broccoli Cheese Patties

IMG_3044If Norman could type, I’d make him post this review himself but alas he isn’t quite able to do so yet. Baby bear is at the stage where he isn’t as into purees as he used to be but he also can’t always have what I’m having either. Since he only has two teeth we have to be somewhat selective on our food choices for him. Enter my Pinterest “Toddler Food” board and Weelicious.

IMG_3046These patties looked simple enough and contained ingredients I already had around the kitchen (score). You can see the delicious patties to the left. Yummy. If I had it to do over I would make them a little smaller and flatter but overall they turned out well.

I taste tested them and thought they tasted pretty darn good! The true test of course was to see if baby enjoyed them… YES! He devoured two patties at dinner and another two for lunch the next day. A resounding success! My overall Pinterest project rating for this recipe is 4 out of 5 pins!


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