This one is about poop (and why I cloth diaper)

Our friend rocking a cloth diaper! Photo courtesy of Caitlin.
Our friend rocking a cloth diaper! Photo courtesy of Caitlin.

If the title hasn’t scared you away, read on for more about our cloth diaper adventures! Before my son was born hubby and I discussed cloth diapering and he was firmly against it. During those early newborn days when we were going through a million diapers a day (ok, maybe only half a million) I mentioned it again. Our son HATED to be even the slightest bit wet or dirty and it seemed like a good option since we were going through so many diapers a day! After much discussion, I told him he’d never have to wash them or clean the dreaded poop and he relented. I happily logged on to the interwebs to get some fluff for my boy.

After some research I decided to try prefolds and covers since they were an inexpensive way to get started. I ordered from Kelly’s Closet because they have a rewards program and I thought it would be nice to get those diaper dollars back so we could buy even more fluff. Well, they sent a free pocket diaper with my order and I soon discovered that I vastly preferred that style to the prefold and cover system. I still have my Flip diapers but they aren’t my go-to system these days. We love our pocket diapers and the flexibility they offer to stuff with various materials to keep our heavy wetter dry and happy.

Norman rocking a cloth diaper while investigating a Pinterest Sensory Board project.
Norman rocking a cloth diaper while investigating a Pinterest Sensory Board project.

I know what you are thinking… isn’t cloth diapering gross? What the heck do you do with the poop? I’m here to tell you that as a mom I’ve had many, many gross things happen. Poop happens and yes, it can be gross. Which is why at the top of my Christmas list was the Bumkins Cloth Diaper sprayer. My husband questioned whether I could truly want a diaper sprayer for Christmas and I assured him I did! Now I can just spray the diaper gently into the toilet and voila, no poop. No dunking and swishing (that was truly gross). The soiled diaper goes into wet bag until laundry day and life is good again!

Do you have more questions about cloth? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


4 thoughts on “This one is about poop (and why I cloth diaper)

  1. haha, yes, poop. My daughter is eating solids now, so her poop just rolls off the diaper and into the toilet now. Wish I’d known about the spray earlier though. Oh well, next baby.

    Pocket diapers are the best! We’re planning to have more children, so the One-Size pocket diapers were the best investment. A bit pricier to start off, but well worth it, in the long run, especially if I end up with more than one diapered baby at a time!

    My personal favourites are the Kawaii Baby One Size Pockets. They come in sizes 6-22lbs, as well as 8-32lbs, which is perfect, as we seem to be a tiny baby family. I’ve tried several brands, and these are my favourites. They’re the sturdiest design I’ve seen so far; I have a few hand me downs from my sisters’ children, and they’re still like new. =D

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