Exploring my One Little Word – Mindful(ness)


As I’ve been exploring my word for the year in the Ali Edwards workshop, I’ve struggled to put into words what mindfulness means to me.

Last weekend we were able to go to the beach for the first time with our son and watching him and my husband I thought to myself, “This is what I want. to just focus on these moments and to feel at peace.” It was such a wonderful, relaxing day and it was so much fun, too! I’m hoping to carry that feeling through the year. Ali encourages us to make our words visible so I’ve printed out this photo and placed it above my desk where I work each day.

7ThingsMindfulMy aunt has graciously subscribed me to Mindful Magazine for the year and I can’t wait to explore it as I continue my OLW journey. Their tagline is “taking time for what matters.” How perfect is that? I found the graphic at the left on their Facebook page and I think that it is so helpful in understanding mindfulness. Number 1 is easy when you have a little one. Watching him learn and discover everyday reminds you of the wonder around you like nothing else can. Number 2 and number 5 are big areas of struggle that I will be working on this year!